What makes Phoenix Air’s Flight School an outstanding school for student pilots learning to fly and more skilled pilots taking advanced lessons? “Location-location-location” together with highly skilled and friendly flight instructors, first class training aircraft, and modern interactive video training aids used in our ground school.


Flight School

So, why is the Phoenix Air Flight School’s location important when learning to fly? Our Flight School is located on the Cartersville-Bartow County Airport which is outside the congested airspace surrounding the Atlanta metro area where three extremely busy airports are located: Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, DeKalb-Peachtree Airport and Fulton County Airport. Students learning to fly in Cartersville never have to wait in line to taxi out, and after take-off can almost immediately begin their lesson or practice session without having to fly far away from the congested Atlanta airspace to a practice area.

Learning to fly involves both a ground school classroom environment and self-study lessons to learn the building blocks of aerodynamics, aircraft components, meteorology, and FAA regulations, among other disciplines, and actually flying a training aircraft alongside an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. The curriculum for learning to fly has been carefully developed as a series of ground school lessons, self-study lessons and hands-on training in an aircraft, all led by a highly skilled and attentive Flight Instructor. The road to a Private Pilot License is a series of carefully crafted building blocks and lesson plans all interweaved using modern interactive videos and manuals.

Phoenix Air’s Flight School has been training pilots since 1984. Some of our former students are business and professional people who use the skills they learned for their own travel needs, while other student pilots have pursued professional careers in aviation working for many of the major airlines and package delivery companies. Still others have gone on in their flying careers to become crew members here at Phoenix Air and fly Learjets and Gulfstream aircraft around the world in support of Phoenix Air’s many contracts and services.

Learning to fly an airplane today is as easy as driving a car. Earning a Private Pilot License is challenging, rewarding, and fun. Flying gives you the ability to do everything on your own schedule, from shortening a long trip to enjoying a summer sunset from a totally different perspective. Once you have your Private Pilot License, you may wish to pursue an aircraft instrument rating.

Phoenix Air offers instruction in the world’s best state of the art training airplane: the Cessna 172R and the Cessna 172SP. The Cessna 172 provides greater performance and more interior room than many other instructional aircraft. It also has advanced autopilots and GPS navigation (with moving map). These aircraft are excellent for initial and advanced training. They also permit a pilot to take family and friends along during their lessons or on business or pleasure trips.