Common Cargo

When time is of the essence, air transport may be your best solution.
When the sensitivity of your cargo is high, air transport may be your best solution.
When the value of your cargo is extraordinary, air transport may be your best option.

Phoenix Air serves a long list of corporations, government agencies, motion picture companies and manufacturers with a need to urgently move their cargo – sometimes across a country, sometimes across an ocean – in an efficient, fast and secure environment. The world today revolves around the “just-in-time” inventory concept, and Phoenix Air has been added to the speed dials of many corporate and government agency Shipping Department managers who value an exclusive-use, air cargo operator with over 35-years experience in meeting tight deadlines into difficult places.

Phoenix Air is the company other commercial airlines come to when they need immediate aircraft maintenance support in the field. Phoenix Air is also the company most of the large package delivery companies subcontract with for certain high priority transports.

Using a fleet of cargo-only aircraft, Phoenix Air has a hard-earned worldwide reputation for getting the job done and done on schedule and within budget. Call a Phoenix Air Charter Department specialist when your best solution is an air transport solution.