Aircraft Modification and Customization

Phoenix Air’s highly experienced Maintenance, Avionics and Special Missions Departments have many years of experience installing Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), developing interfaces between client-supplied equipment and aircraft operations systems, and developing new electronic and mechanical systems to support specialized mission requirements.

Phoenix Air is staffed by highly competent hands-on technicians, using CAD systems, bench experimentation, sheet metal workers, designers, specialized subcontractors, engineers and other specialists to integrate the latest technology into existing airframes.

In the case of the EWAT aircraft, two previously corporate Gulfstream G-I aircraft were completely disassembled in Phoenix Air’s maintenance facilities and rebuilt to incorporate major modifications to the fuselage and wings to accommodate various radoms, external pods and antennas.

Learjet “Gray Birds” have similarly been converted from former corporate aircraft into highly specialized military special missions aircraft.

In addition to numerous government clients like DOD, NASA and DARPA, Phoenix Air technicians have customized aircraft for use in cargo operations, U.S. Weather Service for atmospheric testing, U.S. Forest Service for aerial photography, and university research centers like Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and MIT-Lincoln Labs for experimental pod carriage among others.