Commercial Air Ambulance

Phoenix Air provides worldwide Air Ambulance service utilizing two types of Jet aircraft, the Lear 35/36 and the Gulfstream G-III. The Lear 35/36 is used extensively throughout the industry due to its reliability, safety, range and speed. It can transport one patient and one family member while still providing full ICU-level support if required.

The Gulfstream G-III is available for those clients requiring a large cabin environment for patients with specific needs such as the desire to travel with a large group of family or staff as well as extensive luggage. The interior is typically configured with eight first class-size leather seats, including a table for four and a large lavatory. The medical bed is oversized, allowing for a more comfortable experience than is often available. Meals can be provided from the on-board galley. This capability is usually not available in an air ambulance aircraft. An FAA-trained Cabin Safety Attendant is provided on all G-III flights.

All flights are staffed with Phoenix Air’s highly trained, experienced, certified and multiple-accredited medical staff. Our standard medical crew consists of a critical care nurse and a critical care paramedic, capable of providing care to a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. The extensive medical equipment carried on each flight is the current state of the art, certified for the airborne environment and the same as is carried on USAF Air Force 1.