Lonely skies: Phoenix Air pilot remembers 9 I 11 from the air

By Matt Shinall
Daily Tribune

Events of historical proportions such as Sept. 11 bring with them stories of llnprecedented action. In a time of fear and unknown, one Cartersville pilot too to the skies while all other civilian aviation was grounded.

General Counsel and Vice President of Phoenix Air Randy Davis may b«; the only civilian pilot to have flown on the evening of 9/.11.

Davis. sat among colleagues, in disbelief, at his Cartersville office watching coverage of the events that unfolded just hours before a call came in requesting the aid of Phoenix Air. When the notice was made, he was the first to step forward.

“As a citizen, it was an experience I’ve never had and one I’ll hopefully never have again in the after­math of that type of event,” Davis said. “I think every citizen that day, that night, that week and for weeks thereafter wanted to try to help in any way possible. It certainly was gratifying to be able to contribute so quickly and so directly that night.”

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