COVID-19, Business Insider – The US is using its famous ‘Ebola plane’ private jet to rescue coronavirus-stricken Americans around the world. Take a look inside the modified Gulfstream.

by Thomas Pallini April, 2020

During the Ebola crisis, one Gulfstream jet was tasked with over 40 lifesaving missions as it traveled to and from hotspots in Africa bringing those infected with the deadly illness to hospitals in the US.

The “Ebola plane” or “Ebola Gray,” as it came to be known, became the go-to mode of transportation for the US Centers for Disease Control and US State Department for medical evacuations as it featured an onboard isolation and containment chamber necessary for the safe transport of afflicted patients.

Now, the modified air ambulance is taking on a new role as the “COVID-19 plane.”

With Ebola largely mitigated and the novel coronavirus pandemic in full swing, the battleship grey-painted Gulfstream is flying missions once again, this time to bring American citizens infected with COVID-19 back home to be treated.

Take a look inside the plane that the CDC and State Department turn to when a US citizen with an infectious disease needs to get home.

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